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Image by Birendra Bikram

Copper Pine Coffee

A beautiful branding project helping the company to define the company’s vision and mission. Copper Pine Coffee is an organic coffee roastery with a cafe set in a beautiful natural setting. Their mission is to bring the world of premium organic coffee and the multitude of flavours found within to a larger audience.

Brand Strategy

Copper Pine are inspired by nature and the outdoors, and are passionate about bringing this, and high quality coffee, into the daily lives of more people for a happier existence for the planet and people in unison. Many people drink coffee every day but most aren't aware of the flavour possibilities within each cup of a high quality brew, or the environmental cost of their consumption of mass farmed coffee. The mission of the brand was to convert more people to drinking high quality organic coffee. So the brand had to embody nature, flavour, and target those who were already foodies and lovers of organic produce but who hadn't yet made the switch to coffee. 

It was important for the brand to have a physical space for coffee tasting and nature-inspired events. We helped design a cafe experience housed in an old shipping container that was nestled in the Sussex countryside to create a fully immersive brand experience that provided a story platform for social media.

Brand Identity

The brand identity centred around nature whilst at the same time feeling contemporary. The brand provides High quality distinctive organic coffees, celebrates outdoor adventure and has a light touch on the planet. The emotional elements of this brand are curiosity, positive impact and feeling alive through living an outdoor life and experiencing nature close up.


The logo represents the intricate detail of a pine cone seen from underneath - a nod to looking closer and new perspectives. The lines are simple and clean and the imagery aims to be slow, immersive and always focussed on nature.

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