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Hannah Rosalie Childcare

Hannah’s house is a beautiful celebration of childhood entirely dedicated to her work as an outstanding childcare provider (Ofsted’s words, not ours). We took on this project because we loved her mission to make a childcare setting that is an extension of the family, with love right at the heart of everything she does. What can we say, we were inspired.

Brand Strategy & Identity

Hannah’s childcare setting bridges the gap between a traditional nursery and a childminder. Most people’s perception of a childminder is that they are one person looking after a couple of children in their own home, perhaps with their own children. A nursery provides lots of other children to play with, but lacks the homey feel and often has higher child to staff ratios. Hannah Rosalie Childcare merges the two by providing a home-from-home feel with carefully thought through, nature focussed learning, home cooked meals and low staff to child ratios.


The brand identity needed to merge a nurturing home-based environment with the concept of slow-childcare and a sense of extended family. The emotional qualities that emerged from this brand exploration were calm, confident and included. Together we defined the brand’s essence as ‘real.’ After this work was done the streamline flowed out quite naturally as 'nurtured, loved, free.'

Website Design

When Hannah approached us, her website was not communicating the amazing work she was doing at Hannah Rosalie Childcare. Hannah’s new website needed to communicate the concept of ‘slow childcare’ with a focus on nature, family and home. It also needed to feel tidy, inspire confidence and trust. We needed to bridge the gap between free-flowing creativity and professionalism. We created SEO friendly copy and provided Hannah with a plan to boost her SEO organically. The website was built on Wix making it easy for Hannah to continue to update on her own without the ongoing cost (and time restraints) of using a developer. Hannah was delighted with our solution and has since experienced more bookings and currently has a waiting list for new children.

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