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Minimum Viable Brading
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We hope you find these tools useful. If you need more, head over to Minimum Viable Branding.
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Top tool,

Ikigai for startups LITE 1.0:

Sketch out your purpose, only-ness and promise.

This free version of our paid Miro board gives you the basics that you need to start thinking about how to build a magnetic brand. This board doesn't come with any activities, just the Ikigai diagram. For the full version head over here.


Get clear on what you are doing and why, and who will pay you for it. This framework helps you to get real on what you are passionate about and what you want to change in the world. What are you going to promise to deliver, and how can you be the only brand to do that?

Ikigai for Startups Lite 2.0

An upgraded version of our Ikigai for Startups Lite 1.0 board, this tool includes 4 tools to help you figure out the four areas of Ikigai:

  • What you believe in

  • What you are great at

  • What people need

  • What they will pay you for

The board also contains a link to an email guide, which can buy here.

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Customer insights tool: My ideal life

This tool will help you uncover the values and beliefs of your customer, to give you the insights you need to build your brand with these in mind. Where do your values and beliefs overlap? What can you learn about their aspirations for themselves? What kind of person are they trying to become and how can your brand help them get there?

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Customer insights tool: Understand customer's brand preferences

This tool helps you to get clear on your customers' values through the lens of brands they love, and ones they don't. Understand why they are drawn to particular brand, and even your competitors to gain a deeper understanding of them as a whole person. This will give you the fuel you need to build your brand with your customer at the centre.

Brand archetypes tool: Figure out your brand's personality type!

Define your brand's personality with this brand archetypes tool. Explore what archetype will help you:

  • Stand out from your competitors

  • Connect with your customers

  • Give you a voice that is perfectly you

Explore what customer needs connect with what archetypes, and what archetype drivers fit your brand best.

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