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Body Rocket

Body Rocket are developing a really exciting, revolutionary product that measures aerodynamic drag live on the bike as you ride. This has never been done before and will completely transform how elite cyclists and triathletes train and race. Amazingly, 80% of what is slowing you down on your bike is caused by your body, only 20% by your bike.


Aerodynamics is not something that is currently well understood by cyclists, so we needed to create a strong brand identity, simply explain a complex product and technology, and educate the consumer about why aerodynamics is so important.


When Body Rocket came to us for help, they very clearly knew exactly what they were doing with the technology, these guys are real tech geeks, but they were having trouble communicating just how revolutionary their product was. We helped them build a strong, water-tight business plan that showed how scaleable their technology was. We helped them raise funding through Crowdcube to the tune of £500k and we are currently assisting them raise their next round of finance.


We created a consumer-facing brand story for Body Rocket that really went to the heart of what the brand was about and why consumers would want to be part of that. We focussed the brand story on consumer value rather than solely on the technology, with a lot of emphasis on building emotional connections. This work powered them up to start engaging with the world in a more meaningful way and grow their audience ready for launch.


The marketing strategy was focussed on building a loyal audience for the product in preparation for launch, building the email list and a social following whilst simultaneously growing the brand. As part of this work one of the main projects was to engage consumers in a conversation about what it meant to ‘be aero’ and why that makes such a big difference to your performance. There was a lot of education needed here in preparation for the product launch so we could hit the ground running.


Understanding the customer is always important, but in this case it was vital. The Body Rocket product is completely new and groundbreaking. It will change how cyclists and triathletes train and how they race. In this case we needed to understand what the barriers would be, how the market needed to be educated and what the real drivers for purchase were. We carried out a series of interviews with coaches and semi-professional cyclists and triathletes to uncover insights that would inform product development, marketing and brand strategy.

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