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Why us?

We’re not like a regular agency. We use our mixture of experience and talent to take a unique approach to business challenges large and small to really drive IDEAS into the world.


We are passionate about making ideas happen, letting them loose on the world to have a positive impact. Our startup and corporate experience has taught us that strategy, product, purpose, vision, culture, marketing all have to be connected and aligned through powerful storytelling to really make your business fly.

We belive in the power of belief and tribes to build brands from the ground up, through real and digital interactions that are meaninful and shareable. We've seen this work, it can work for you too.

We understand startups

Not only did we build our own brand, raise £10m in capital, get featured in countless Global pulications and TV including Wired, the FT, le Monde, Time magazine (front cover), CNN and many more, we’ve hustled alongside founders at busy events all over the world evangelising their products and helping them build their brands from the ground up. 


We've developed brand strategies with startups, designed their identities, built trade shows, merchandise, retail POS, even cycling jerseys...


We’ve supported and advised on operations, finance, crunched spreadsheets and knuckled down to solve the many and varied problems that fly at every startup. 


We’ve helped startups raise thousands through crowdfunding, worked on PR campaigns that generated 100,000s of impressions and driven millions of people to various websites across the world. We’re on your side and we become part of your team.


When we work with corporates, we focus on how we use a startup mindset when building their innovation strategy. Many corporates struggle to create a culture which enables real innovation. We take what we see in the most innovative startups and use that to develop an innovation strategy with the client that works in the real world as well as on paper.


Richard Palmer

Richard is the founder, inventor and was the CEO of d3o, the intelligent protection technology brand that took the world by storm during the 2006 Olympic Games. Richard excels in taking an idea and making it commercially real. d3o is now THE go to impact protection brand in the sports, motorcycle and many other markets.


Richard has since worked on bringing value to corporates through his agile startup vision and experience with big brands such as VF Corporation, Whirlpool, Cisco, Samsung, Vans, Timberland, Lee, Wrangler, Bata, Linde, Lululemon, Tesco and Sanofi as the founder of Idea Couture London; a strategic innovation firm with HQ in Toronto.


He has raised millions in funding and was a top 3 finalist at the IPO's 2019 European Inventor of the year award in the SME category and was an O2 + Arena magazine Entrepreneur of the year winner and a judge on the ISPO BrandNew panel.

Ruth Palmer

Ruth built the integrated impact technology brand, d3o, from the ground up, working with the likes of Puma, Spyder, Helly Hansen, 661, Gore-Tex and many others. She has since worked with companies as big as VF Corporation and Bloomberg Square Mile Relay and as small as Kora, Body Rocket and many more startups in need of brand creativity and strategy. She brings design flair, brand acumen and strong strategic brand vision.



Rachel Wareing

Having spent much of her early career as a newspaper journalist, Rachel then took a sideways step to copywriting and now specialises in content creation, SEO and marketing for purpose-led brands. Rachel is a born storyteller who is driven to create content that is not only exquisitely written, but also gets to the heart of the brand's purpose in a way that really connects with its audience. She is cool, calm and collected with great attention to detail and is always on top of the latest digital trends.

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